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Your choice of bag materials can vary, depending on the bag's required use, look, feel and budget.


Non-Woven fabric


Regular spec is 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, Any qty is available for stock similar colors. MOQ for dyed colors is 1000kgs.



Spun bonded, non-woven polypropylene is an economical, eco-friendly material, offering a great alternative to the regular plastic bag. The heavier material ensures the bag is strong enough to look good after continued use.


Cotton fabric


Regular spec is 110gsm, 130gsm, 140gsm, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz,20oz , Any qty is available for unbleached white,
MOQ for custom dyed colors is 500meters. Dyeing charge: US$80 when less than 500meters.



As cotton is often seen as an environmentally friendly substitute to other packaging, we would kindly ask you to let us guide you to the most environmentally friendly solutions to your needs.The natural, unbleached appearance is both trendy and casual.


Jute fabric


Regular spec is 280gram , 300gram, 330gram and 350gram.Any qty is available for natural colour, special dying for larger quantities.



It is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable,it is one of the cheapest natural fibers and second to cotton one of the most important ones. it has good tolerance to salinity and water stress and is resistant to climate extremes, pests and diseases.


Nylon fabric


Regular spec is 70D, 210D, 420D,Any qty is available for stock similar colors. MOQ for custom dyed colors is 1000meters.



Ideal for light-weight bags such as drawstring bags, nylon produces a higher quality print due to the flat, even material surface. It is a cost effective option for promotional bags.


Polyester fabric


Regular spec is 190D,210D,420D, 600x300D,600X600D, 1200D. Any qty is available for stock similar colors.MOQ for custom dyed colors is 1000meters.



Polyester is the most versatile and popular material for manufacturing promotional bags. Material weights range from 420D(denier)for medium-weight bags such as conference/exhibition bags, and rucksacks, to heavy duty 1200D, suitable for laptop bags.





The look and feel of real leather, but at a much lower price point. Today it really is very difficult to spot the difference between this and the real thing. Leather-look materials provide a high quality bag at great value.




Regular spec is 15c , 25c, 35c thickness.Any qty is available for stock similar colors.



Fashionable, it is widely used in cosmetic bags.

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